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Check out these awesome whitewater rafting events in the Pacific Northwest!

Meadowcamp Race : Bend, OR

June 25, Saturday

Meadow Camp Race

    King of the Rogue: Gold Hill, Oregon

    July 9 2016, Saturday

    King of the Rogue 2016

      Down the River Clean Up: Clackamas River, Oregon

      Sunday, September 11th, 2016

      Down the River Clean Up: Clackamas River

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        OUR TEAM

        ORT is made up of a very diverse set of unique men. The backgrounds of our team include a former Olympic medalist, college linebacker, endurance runners, climbers, skiers, snowboarders, mixed martial artists, kayakers, catarafters, drift boaters, skateboarders, ruggers, wrestlers, swimmers, kickboxers, and of course a few river guides. Selflessness and grit required.

        Tim Brink


        Tim Brink is the founder of ORT


        Pork Chop

        Jeffery Steehler


        Caitlin Brink

        Power Chick


        Double D




        The Oregon Rafting Team (ORT)

        ORT is a collection of whitewater paddlers who compete on a variety of rivers throughout the West Coast in multiple 2-6 man paddle raft teams. We race head to head with other teams and against the clock through rapids ranging from class III (mild) to class V (extreme).

        ORT is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We serve our community by providing river trips to disabled veterans, youth organizations, and various other community groups. ORT participates in river cleanup events throughout the Portland area where we are based. We also promote the sport of whitewater raft racing at a national and international level. ORT educates and trains athletes to compete at an elite level while managing the Western Whitewater Championship Series (WWCS) and United States Rafting Association (USRA) events.


        ORT began it’s evolution in 2002 when 20 year river running veteran and football coach Tim Brink gathered a crew of his past and current teammates from rugby and college football for a local race. After dominating the regional whitewater raft racing scene for a number of years, an unfortunate career ending rugby injury forced Tim to focus his competitive fervor exclusively to raft racing hence ORT began. After training one summer with world class guides from Colorado, Tim returned home to the Portland area with some new found racing knowledge and began recruiting paddlers. During the initial season, ORT raced with a co-ed team as recruiting enough committed paddlers to form two teams proved to be difficult. ORT has placed in the top five nationally each of the past 9 years and has won 52 of the 59 events entered at the regional level during that same period.

        ORT athletes will have to compete with each other to earn a spot on the “Red”. The athletic backgrounds of our athletes include former college linebackers, Olympic wrestler, dragon boat racers, endurance runners, skiers, snowboarders, mixed martial arts, kayakers, catarafters, drift boaters, skateboarders, rugby, and of course a few river guides. Off the water once the gear is put away all the seriousness stops and the fun begins. With nicknames like the Ox, Saggy, Grizz, Certified, Professor, etc., let your imagination do the rest and the resulting perception may actually be accurate. We are proud to say that ORT is the first of it’s kind. Not a team of guides or even river veterans, but rather an athletic, charismatic body of energy that successfully engages in a variety of adventures throughout the year while reinforcing the bonds we have created through the medium of whitewater raft racing. ORT, we are more than just a racing team.

        Contact Us

        Tim Brink - Founder
        • 2002

          ORT Forms

          ORT Begins

        • 2005

          Becomes Non-profit

          ORT becomes non-profit 501(c)(3)

        • 2012

          King of Rogue

          ORT wins King of Rogue

        • 2015


          SOTAR presents Tim with award for selfless contributions to boating community


        Oregon Rafting Team gets involved in community events

        Clackamas River Clean Up

        We Love Clean Rivers in partnership with the Clackamas River Basin Council hosts the 14th Annual Down the River Clean Up on Oregon’s Clackamas River, Sunday, September 11th, 2016! See you there! clean-river

        New Years Day Vet River Float

        With ice still clinging to low-lying branches and frozen sand crunching underfoot Saturday, a small flotilla of rafters and kayakers pushed into the churning Sandy River, thumbed a collective nose at the frigid temperature and gave a group of veterans a unique way to celebrate the new year. vet-float

        Upper Wind Festival

        Oregon Rafting Team helps coordinate the Upper Wind Festival. The Upper Wind Festival is the annual kick off for the WWCS, and starts the whitewater racing season with big class V action
        Rafting at it finest in the Northwest. 458990_413332665344983_1015436489_o
        oregon rafting team community

        KEEN teams up with ORT

        Keen Footwear is one of Oregon Rafting Team’s key sponsors. They provide the team with extreme outdoor weather gear like shoes, sandals, bags, and so much more!!! We could not do what we do without Keen’s outdoor sports gear. Check out additional sponsors or become a sponsor.